Alora Receives 2021 Top IoT Agency Award

Our Company

Alora Labs is a boutique development agency that provides custom software development, application development., and IoT development. We help our clients transform their technology and bring their business to the next level.

About the Award

Clutch, a B2B review agency from Washington, DC has recognized Alora Labs as one of the Top Internet of Things Development Companies in Toronto.

Canada's Top Software Developers Award 2021

Thank you to our customers

We're thrilled to be recognized for this award! We're excited for what the future has in store, as we continue to help businesses build technology that their customers love.

Our team is truly thankful for our clients and everyone who supported us. Their confidence in us allows us to thrive and do what we do best. We would also like to give thanks to one of our clients who left us a heartwarming review on our Clutch profile.

“Not only did they provide high-quality work, but they also took ownership of the project and wanted to see success from it. We’ve been able to go from a non-revenue generating company to generate about $1 billion in revenue.

Their real shining point is in the early stages for companies. When a company is just getting off the ground, they can build a really great foundation for others to expand upon when they have a bit more money. They also work well for larger, more mature companies as well. They really do the full suite and come in exactly where their customers are willing to go.”

— Co-Founder, Mero Technologies

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