Mero IoT Dashboard

Mero Technologies provides predictive maintenance systems for restrooms in high traffic facilities. Their array of sensor products collects data about bathroom cleanliness and supply levels to reduce costs and provide analytical insights.


Building Management


Web App


PHP, Laravel, JavaScript

The Problem

Having completed the development of the bathroom sensors, data was being collected with no means to effectively visualizing the data. As a stop-gap, they had resorted to using expensive off the shelf reporting software to demonstrate the concept to prospective customers and investors.

Our job was to find an alternative to licensing expensive vendor software, providing a more seamless user experience and re-architecturing their technology stack to allow them to scale to more customers.

The Solution

It was necessary that an admin dashboard be developed where building managers and cleaning staff could collaborate on scheduling and optimize their time and resources.

We developed a custom web application for visualizing the data collected from the bathroom sensors and an interface for user management using the Laravel and Bootstrap framework.


With our help, Mero Technologies is on track to complete their pilot deployment with organizations like LCBO and Servicemasters in Kingston, Ontario.

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