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We built the flagship web app for an early stage startup that led to successful VC funding.


Property Management


Web app


PHP, Laravel, SQL, JavaScript

Nathan Mah

Nathan Mah, CEO

"Working with Alora Labs has been a great pleasure, and integral to the growth of our business. They build products that are intended to last, and always think quality first."

Description of the Company

Mero provides their proprietary sensor technology and their accompanying software as a service (SaaS) to building managers.


Mero had a prototype that was gaining traction with customers and realized strong demand in the marketplace. They approached Alora to develop a market-ready version of their product that could be commercialized and adhere to the drastic demand they were receiving. Encompassing their early customers’ feedback and building a more scalable system was a priority.


We designed the entire stack from the ground up, using AWS for the backend infrastructure and Laravel for the web application. The software allows for the provisioning of new sensors, setting staff schedules and provides value to building managers by optimizing cleaner visits and visualizing efficiency metrics. This successful launch allowed them to sign on additional customers and raise VC investment.

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