Mero IoT Sensor

We developed wireless sensors for facility managers to monitor bathroom dispenser levels and to ensure delightful experiences for visitors.


Building Management


PCB Design, System Design


Altium, Bluetooth LE, Rechargeable Cell Battery

The Problem

Mero developed proof of concept composed of development boards and jumper cables. While this solution was successful at demonstrating demand for their idea, it would have been expensive and time consuming to assemble and manufacture, even in small batches.

Hand-soldered connections depend on time consuming skilled labor and extensive quality assurance - not to mention they can also be less durable and have the appearance of unprofessionalism. Naturally, they wanted to create a more integrated solution to scale production as their business grew.

The Solution

We created a system that actively monitors toiletry levels and bathroom cleanliness, and instantly notifies cleaning staff via email or SMS when necessary. This allows staff to prioritize their workload and provide building visitors with a cleaner and more pleasurable experience.

We analyzed their prototype and miniaturized features into a condensed schematic diagram. Next, we created a layout using Altium with similar components that was compatible with their existing code.

The resulting PCB combined the functionality of the many individual pieces that made up their prototype. The miniaturized product was designed to fit in an aesthetic plastic enclosure suitable to installation.


We delivered a printed circuit board with embedded software that optimized the energy consumption and electrical footprint. It was tested to ensure that data was properly able to flow to the back-end systems for data visualization and analysis.

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