Website Redesign and Development

Designed and developed a new website for a daycare to improve the experience and increase conversions.




UX/UI Design, Web Development



The Problem

Angelic Treasures had an outdated website that wasn't converting their traffic into booked calls.

The website was text-heavy and not mobile-optimized, creating a poor experience for their customers. Page Speed plays a huge role on its performance and it scored an 11/100 on Mobile and 49/100 on Desktop.

The Solution

Diving deep into the data and understanding the customer was cruicual. Upon learning that the majority of their traffic uses mobile devices, a mobile-centric approach was taken to creating the design system.


The website was redesigned and developed from the ground up, with the focus being primarily on UX and performance.

Now the Page Speed score ranks 80/100 on Mobile and 98/100 on Desktop.

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